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In today’s modern world one of the biggest strategic challenges of the companies is to serve customer on a high level and to optimize the inner processes. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business approach that makes the communications with customers easier keeping the processes in one system. While most of the companies focus on getting new customers, they forget that to keep and to support their existing customer base is equally important. These business processes can be very complex and diverse, so choosing the right CRM system that includes marketing, sales and service is crucial, also the functionalities need to be customized when the company is evolving. 

The evoCRM is only using the best CRM products of the biggest companies, which have marketing, sales and service processes and also they can be expanded. These products have a good framework and provide a platform on which we can build. We carry through the CRM system on such evolutional processes that gives us the possibility to achieve the digital transformation on a CRM platform

The evoCRM is the only company in Hungary who has partnership with the three biggest CRM producers. Our colleagues have several years of professional experience as well as organizing experience in planning, developing and installing solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Siebel and Salesforce. Because of our own broad competences, numerous industrial and technological references and more than 15 years of international experience we are able to overcome unique challenges easily. We not only deliver a solution but together with you we create the adequate one and also, we support the installation and the maintenance of the system. The guarantee to find and solve the core problem of each business case is our continuously growing experience.

Our company is successively growing, our team now has 30 people, most of them speak both English and German. If you are looking for a nearshore partner who is experienced in CRM solutions, you can count on the services of evoCRM. Our company also provides solutions for companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and in the Netherlands. 

Our mission is to find a solution with informatic methods even for the most complex business processes. Let us piece together the puzzle.



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CRM Products
Strategy, Consultancy

Strategy, Consultancy

Do you know what you would like to achieve with the help of the CRM system?

Every informatic solution has a goal.
It is very important to know the goal, and how can that be reached. Good strategy is the base to have a return on the invested expenses so later the company can make measurable profit from it.

We help to plan the optimal strategy. We know the
methods that worked in the past, but every company works differently. This is why we plan together with you so we can deliver the best solution.

Data analysis and Process planning

Data analysis and Process planning

Do you know what kind of data you have?

The base of a well-functioning and easy usable system requires up to date and good quality data. Every data is important, even the bad data, because we can find the errors in the system this way.


Before we start developing, we analyze the data sources and the data. We will find the false and valuable data and we will make a proposal in order to raise the quality of the data.

Developing, Customizing

Developing, Customizing

Is the transparent and flexible developing important to you?

In the implementation of a CRM system the biggest added value of evoCRM is the developing. We are able to develop a quality and robust solution. This can be proved with international references and numerous exams.

From our experience we know that during developing the customer needs’ change. This is why we keep contact with the client constantly so he can see the progress of the developing and he can take part of the testing. In this way he will get the solution he wanted.

System integration, Security

System integration, Security

What kind of other systems should the CRM system work with?

We can declare that during our 15 years of experience evoCRM has never took part in a CRM implementation without system integration. This is the most important and complex.

We gained a lot of experience through the projects that needed security and integration processes. We are able to adjust every data that comes from external source to the CRM system.

Support and Operational maintenance

Support and Operational maintenance

Is it important for you to get a quick solution to your problems?

Perfect product does not exist. Problems can occur either in the hardware and the software too.
We know that people can make mistakes and also the client can ask for something that needs to be changed later.

You can count on us, we not only deliver the solution but we are always ready to solve issues, or develop the software further. In most cases we build monitoring modules in the system, so the reasons of the errors can be revealed.

CRM Products

Choose from our products


Salesforce has become the most successful CRM product in the past years. It forerun every other CRM solution first in the USA then globally.


This is really today’s success product. Salesforce is continuously the most innovative company next to Tesla and Amazon. It only has Cloud solutions. Salesforce is the Cloud, we can thank mostly Salesforce for the growing popularity of the cloud systems. They can be used easily and they do not need infrastructure, you can access them from any computer or from your phone.


Oracle Siebel CRM

We can say that Siebel is the grandfather of all CRM solutions. Many calls it the "big elephant".

It has been in the market for more than 25 years, and new features are constantly being developed.

Perhaps it's already over the prime, but it is still widely used in corporate environment. It contains most of the functions, without limits, it can be extended indefinitely. Currently it has only On-Premise version, which is a disadvantage in case of simpler application, but in the case of large data volumes, it is an immense advantage. If you have a lot of data Siebel is recommended. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft may not have to be introduced to anyone. With the exception of Windows Phone, they have achieved success with all their products in the past 30 years. Today Dynamics CRM is in the 3 best CRM solutions.

 Dynamics CRM has Cloud and On-Premise solutions. We do not think setting an order between the three product is possible. Each one rises above the others in something else. Dynamics CRM is somewhere between Salesforce and Siebel. Is has from both some benefits, but the real advantage is that it can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products. Also together with other Microsoft products it can be purchased with a discount.



Our references from the last 15 years (non exhaustive list)



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Szabó Máté (CEO): +36 30 628 1325
Kis Lehel (CIO): +36 30 412 1044

E-mail: office@evocrm.hu

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