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Home Renovation Support


In 2021 Hungary introduced the Home Renovation Program for the renovation and modernization of flats and houses which allows families raising at least one child to apply for a non-repayable grant of up to 3 million HUF. Our task was to integrate this new support into an existing system that handles various family related benefits starting from receiving the applications, through paying the grants up until creating the subsequent statistics. 


The first step in the project was to present the existing system to the customer and discuss the requirements.  We had to align the client’s expectations with the technical properties of the system and find common ground. After clarifying the requirements, we created a new Home Renovation Support case type. We created the necessary views, business components and applets for the new case type. For instance, a new form containing the attributes of the flat/house and a new view with all the details of the bills connected to the renovation costs were created.  

Four new interfaces were introduced as part of the project: 

One for accepting electronic applications, one connecting to Takarnet (a system that contains details concerning property ownership in Hungary), one connecting to the system of NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration), and one for receiving data the applicant’s social insurance coverage. 

Through these interfaces administrators can get the data necessary to determine eligibility by the click of a button.  

In addition to Siebel, we also used Oracle Intelligent Advisor (OIA) in the project to support the decision-making process. The laws regarding eligibility for Home Renovation Support were translated to rules in OIA. Once all the necessary data is collected a call is made to OIA which responds with a decision whether the applicant is entitled to Home Renovation Support. 

We also added the necessary collision checks, for instance, to ensure that one applicant cannot receive the support twice, finished the finance and money transfer related developments and created the document types to be sent out upon a positive or negative decision.  

Finally, we created the reports and statistics through which all important data concerning the Home Renovation Support case type can be queried and organized based on the needs of the administrator. 


The Home Renovation Program was active for two years throughout which its popularity was constantly high. During this period several modifications were implemented, either due to changes in the relevant laws and regulations or to further support the work of the administrators. The close cooperation with the customer enabled us to react to these needs promptly. In conclusion, the system enabled administrators to make quick and consistent decisions throughout the whole country and handled the applications of thousands of families who applied for/received the grant. 

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