Project story

On-premise to Cloud Migration


The client has been using a Siebel Call Center based system for managing the reported tickets related to their products for a long time. They were running their applications on servers using Windows operational system. In order to improve efficiency, they turned to us with the request to move from on-site facilities to cloud based infrastructure. 


Before starting the process, the system was dockerized; so that the development and later the operation of the system could be done on any platform, including Windows, Linux or IOS. Since their system was using an older version, we needed to upgrade it from version 16 to the most recent one, version 22.6. The upgrade was also necessary since a lot of useful functions, such as CRM GUI or webtools, were not available in the older version. These two features enable simultaneous development on the web interface. 

Following the upgrade, the proof of concept was written. Oracle Cloud, a Linux based cloud service provider was chosen for the project so in addition to the usual technical challenges moving from Windows to Linux was a significant task. 


As a first step we created a Linux Red Hat system and migrated the application there. Two servers were created in the cloud (Linux and Windows), so the migration could be done as a two-step process. First, we deployed the application to the Windows server in the cloud and after testing the deployment to the Linux server was also completed. 

Due to the two servers, we work with a hybrid architecture within the Siebel Enterprise which allows us to filter out possible errors and identify their cause (change of architecture or software related problem). 


Following the successful migration, we carried out performance measurements that yielded the expected results: the cloud-based system works faster and more efficiently. In addition, its maintenance is significantly easier. The POC proves that it is possible to move the old, well-functioning system to a modern environment without re-developing the business logic.  

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