How did it begin?

Siebel is Oracle’s largest CRM solution. The story begins in 1993, when Siebel Systems was founded. In the early 1990’s, there were no efficient and widely applicable automated sales systems in the market. At that time, more than 400 different solutions were tried to address the increasing expectations. Siebel was the first CRM system to be marketed in a robust and easy-to-use industry. During the planning phase, they paid attention to the expanding IT requirements that can be easily perform. In the second half of the 90s, Siebel was easily the leader on the market. Siebel Systems was named the fastest growing company in the United States in 1999 by Fortune magazine.

Why we recommend Siebel?

Nowadays Siebel is no longer a market leader, but today we can state that Siebel is the only CRM solution that was already designed for large enterprise applications. This is in the Siebel’s DNA and therefore, in managing large amounts of data, competitors could never prevent it. At the beginning, Siebel’s competitors were only applicable in small and medium-sized segments, and they developed from this, but they were not able to grow their initial limited capabilities in all areas. Siebel is often called the big elephant CRM, but we have a better look.

Siebel has been designed as large freight cruise ships that are able to deliver large and cheaper solutions, while the other CRM solutions are like small ships that deliver a few containers on shorter voyages. There are companies that can be defined as a small ship, and there are other companies that only has a big boats on the seas. If you have complex client management and sales processes that generate large amounts of data, you need Siebel CRM solution. Siebel has over 50 industry-specific solutions but can be extended without additional licensing costs and easily integrated with other systems. Siebel is not a cloud solution but can be installed on both Windows and Linux systems and stores data on your database servers, which can be Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2. If it’s important to you to store your data on your own server, Siebel is the ideal solution for implementing your customer relationship management system.

evoCRM and Siebel

evoCRM has been working with Siebel Systems for more than 15 years.  Starting with the general Siebel development, we’ve met all over EAI, JMS, Webservice integration, OpenUI and Product Configurator. We have many references in Hungary and all three countries in the DACH region. Our colleagues speak English and German and have Siebel Consultant and Siebel Business Analyst Certifications. If your company is operating in the DACH region and looking for an experienced cost-effective nearshore Siebel supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know all the versions from Siebel 6.0 to Siebel IP2018 and have project experience in Siebel IP2018 Upgrades. We can improve the user experience with OpenUI development and give a unique style to the Siebel user interface. We are able to migrate data to databases with EIM, and we have a deep knowledge in other Oracle products that are often used with Siebel. We know the BI Publisher document generating system, we are able to make complex reports. At day-to-day we are continuously involved in the development of integration processes in Oracle SOA BPEL. And last but not least, we have successfully integrated the Oracle Policy Automation rule management system with the Siebel at one of our clients. We are proud of its and is was mentioned by the Oracle USA as a success user story.