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Our Oracle Siebel Takeover services

When your colleagues start to regularly complain about certain flaws and deficiencies of a Siebel system, and these problems cannot be solved internally, it’s time to ask for professional help.  

IT systems can quickly become outdated for want of professional support; therefore, it’s advisable to involve a group of experts, whose daily work includes reviewing, developing, safely operating and supporting Siebel systems. 

Make the most of your Oracle CRM System, discover opportunities for optimizing processes, improving customer relationship management and increasing business performance. 

Don’t let the state of your CRM system interfere with the development of your business. 

What problems does our Siebel Takeover service solve?

Lack of developer capacity

Are you struggling due to the lack of developer capacity or insufficient expertise? A trustworth external service provider may help to execute the necessary developments, integrations, or quality control. 

Integrational problems

You constantly come up against difficulties while synchronizing data and processes with other, existing financial and logistical systems? This may be caused by the inadequate integration of the CRM system. 

Customer Dissatisfaction

Do the users find the system inconvenient and difficult to handle? They won’t like it and as a result, efficiency will suffer.  

Poor data quality

The data in the system is inaccurate and obsolete. This may reduce the reliability of the system. 

Decreased performance

Is the system slow, or does it stop constantly? Don’t let it spoil business performance or user experience.

Regular error messages 

Are system errors or error messages a common occurrence? This is an indication that the system needs troubleshooting by experts.

Our Takeover services

By choosing our Siebel Takeover services corporations can make sure that their Oracle Siebel system is as up-to-date and as reliable as possible because we can support business processes in the long run. 

First discussion, introduction, sort needs assessment 

During a free strategy session, it can be decided whether it’s time to review, develop, or further support the company’s Siebel system. 

Assessing the state of the system  

Based on a well-planned and proven method our colleagues do a full diagnostic of the whole Siebel System. During the analysis we examine various aspects of the system, such as documentation, architecture, infrastructure, operability, technologies used, source code quality, testability, error detection, IT security or if the need arises even licensing. Following the assessment, we identify the most critical parts of the system. In addition, we create an action plan based on the risks found. In the action plan, we list the tasks that need to be done to achieve a safe, effective, and upgradable system. The tasks identified during the analysis may be executed by the company, delegated to the company’s subcontractor or we would be happy to undertake the work for you.

Resolving critical errors 

We recommend this to companies facing emergencies in their system and need support immediately. The QuickFix service involves a quick analysis and resolving the most critical issues in order to regain the system’s functionality. The QuickFix service provides an immediate solution to the emergency; however, it does not always solve the root cause.  

Upgrading the system to the latest version and preventing future problems 

We recommend this service to companies who wish to avoid relying on QuickFix solutions in the future. This service includes a vulnerability analysis to discover potential critical issues. This is followed by the preparation of an action plan, typically for a year ahead. This service is excellent for companies that have encountered issues or challenges in enhancing their Siebel system and don’t have a skilled team of developers. 

This service is for companies with unique business needs and who wish for a sustainable and easy to develop Siebel system with a user-friendly interface. Cloud migration is also available by transferring both the database and the original application to the cloud. This simplifies and reduces the cost of creating backups, restoring data in case of emergencies and ensuring business continuity.  

Analysing an existing system  

Some companies have been using Oracle Siebel for 10+ years as their CRM system, but may not be aware of all its capabilities. Documentation may be outdated, and the system is used as a black box. As part of the service, we analyze your system, update system documentation, processes, data structures and interface catalogue. If desired, we perform data cleaning or export data, convert it, and return it in the desired format and structure. 

Ensuring day-to-day functionality of the system   

Recommended for companies in need of a reliable team of experts to support their Siebel system, who do not currently have the necessary internal or external support. According to the customer’s needs we set up service levels and the contractual agreement. Then we provide a dedicated team to participate in support cases and acquire the knowledge to help operate and improve the software. 

Why choose us?

Our team has been implementing and developing Siebel systems for nearly 20 years and has grown to become one of the largest teams in the European market. We have numerous references in Hungary and in all three countries of the DACH region. As a result, our staff is fluent in English and German.

We are familiar with all Siebel versions from their onset to now. We also have a wealth of project experience in Siebel upgrade.

Thanks to the capabilities provided by OpenUI, we can improve the user experience and give your Siebel user interface a unique look and feel. We understand databases, the infrastructure that runs the system and have extensive experience with other Oracle products (e.g. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Intelligent Advisor/OPA, Oracle APEX), many of which are integrated with Siebel by our customers.

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