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What is Salesforce?

World’s leading CRM Solution

Salesforce is the #1 CRM solution, from the idea to implementation, the fastest way for a company to acquire new customers and automated, personalized business solutions to quickly, efficiently and quickly reach its customers. Salesforce provides the right mechanism and a stable system that can make time-consuming processes say goodbye and centrally automate them, which later offers measurable results and excellent user experiences to both customers and colleagues alike.

You can open a whole new era in client management. Because of the digitization, companies facing ever greater challenges. Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing Cloud provides several companies that are cross-cutting, optimized, and innovative to help employees work day-to-day.

If you invest in their experience, they will help you to be energetic, loyal and committed to your business. Creating this cycle is important for both customers and their colleagues as they directly effect on each other.It helps you solve business problems and build on the future by providing solutions that include business counseling, user experience, technology, and analysis.

Improve your internal business processes and start your business by transforming yourself into a smart company!

Salesforce offers a 360-degree view of its customers so transparent projections, quotes, and marketing campaigns can easily be created for existing and new customers.The more you know about your customer, the more efficiently you can sell and offer customized, smart solutions and services to your customers.

To effectively leverage your strategy, it is important to design and design how you can use all your features in the future. Accordingly, pre-designed and well-designed solutions can save you a lot of time and resources.

Our Salesforce Certified consultants are prepared to provide ongoing training and development services and to integrate third-party services. In addition, they provide assistance with custom Salesforce application development and implementation consulting.

One of the world’s largest cloud application systems for cloud-based CRM is Salesforce AppExchange, enabling thousands of applications to be available to provide full-featured services to its customers. Our company offers a variety of services from simple startup Salesforce packages to more complex individual solutions. It is best to plan it all in days and weeks, not months or years.


Salesforce Services

Salesforce Consulting Service

EvoCRM’s team of consultants, business analysts, developers and project managers guarantee successful implementation. Our company seeks to initiate processes that further enhance global business models.

Service Cloud

On a platform where customer view is faster, more reliable, and more transparent. Personalized support through digital channels, including messaging, chat and conversation.

Sales Cloud

With Sales Cloud, you can get instant access to the latest internal business information and get real-time insights into current numbers, and now you can prepare for competitor information even before meetings and keep up to date with the whole team, all the data is fresh, anytime, anywhere and even synchronized with your colleagues and can quickly share the information you need.

Salesforce Platform Development

Salesforce enables you to easily link mobile apps, web applications, native applications, portals, and integrations to a Platform so your Salesforce CRM can be customized to your needs and not change your business.





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