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In today’s modern world one of the biggest strategic challenges of the companies is to serve customer on a high level and to optimize the inner processes.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business approach that makes the communications with customers easier keeping the processes in one system. While most of the companies focus on getting new customers, they forget that to keep and to support their existing customer base is equally important. These business processes can be very complex and diverse, so choosing the right CRM system that includes marketing, sales and service is crucial, also the functionalities need to be customized when the company is evolving.

The evoCRM is only using the best CRM products of the biggest companies, which have marketing, sales and service processes and also they can be expanded. These products have a good framework and provide a platform on which we can build. We carry through the CRM system on such evolutional processes that gives us the possibility to achieve the digital transformation on a CRM platform.

The evoCRM is the only company in Hungary who has partnership with the three biggest CRM producers. Our colleagues have several years of professional experience as well as organizing experience in planning, developing and installing solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Siebel and Salesforce. Because of our own broad competences, numerous industrial and technological references and more than 15 years of international experience we are able to overcome unique challenges easily. We not only deliver a solution but together with you we create the adequate one and also, we support the installation and the maintenance of the system. The guarantee to find and solve the core problem of each business case is our continuously growing experience.

Our company is successively growing, our team now has 60 people, most of them speak both English and German. If you are looking for a nearshore partner who is experienced in CRM solutions, you can count on the services of evoCRM. Our company also provides solutions for companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to find a solution with informatic methods even for the most complex business processes. Let us piece together the puzzle.


Why choose us?

  • certification

    15+ years

  • worldwide


  • translator

    German and English language skills

  • factory

    Industry-specific expertise

  • monitoring

    Product independent consultancy



Máté Szabó

Máté Szabó

Head of Oracle Siebel Division



Our values

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    Our collaborative work practices promote a constant exchange of knowledge, the creation of a mutual support network and a confidence our colleagues can be relied upon.

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    Focus on people

    We treat everyone with respect and understanding, caring greatly about the people we build relationship with.

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    We have an intrinsic sense of fair play and strive to implement solutions that satisfy all parties’ needs.

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    Continuous improvement

    We are flexible in thought, eager to learn and continually seek to improve our outcomes.

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    Results orientation

    We pride ourselves on our ability to work as a cohesive unit to ensure we achieve outstanding results.



Our references from the last 15 years (non exhaustive list)