EFAFLEX Gmbh (established in 1947 in Germany), is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial, roll-up and folding doors. Efaflex Hungary Kft., the company’s Hungarian subsidiary was founded 16 years ago. 

The production, installation and servicing of thermally insulated spiral gates, high-speed roll-up industrial gates, food industry high-speed gates, cleanroom high-speed gates, explosion-proof high-speed gates, burglar-proof high-speed gates, machine protection high-speed gates, accordion gates, and industrial gates supporting intralogistics processes provide solutions for all segments in our country. 

Client: Efaflex Hungary Kft.
Sector: Manufacturing 


Efaflex Hungary Ltd. recently introduced a new ERP system in all their three divisions, and integration with the CRM system was essential, so they were looking for a partner company with stuff experienced in integration between Salesforce and ERP systems. Worth mentioning that however the divisions use the same ERP system, their databases were different. 

The main objectives were the followings: 

– Development of the order management functions, that are synchronized with ERP functionality and inventory management
– Synchronization of product and asset information
– Further development of the previously existing offer management
– Development of invoice analytics function and compilation of the invoicing-related files, and their transfer to the invoicing system through the integration with the ERP system 


During the joint work, our primary task was to solve the integration with the ERP system and the different databases. 

In the first stage of the process, regarding to the preparation of business opportunities and offers, we implemented the optimization of the device installation and servicing process, together with the process to create supplementary offers to answer immediate requirements, and with the tender management. 

The next step was to solve the management of customer and supplier orders and dispositions. The transactions are recorded in the CRM system, which automatically transfers the information about the above inventory movements to the ERP, so it can generate the delivery slips. 

In the third step, the goal was to implement organizational unit management. Since the 3 different divisions use the same ERP system, but have different portfolios and processes, they use different databases within the system. Here the main goal was within the Salesforce system to use a common database, which we successfully integrated with all 3 ERP databases. 

The next step of the project was to create analytics. This successful development means, that invoicing can be started from Salesforce, while the process is automatically synchronized with the ERP. 


We have prepared for the client a solution, covering the entire sales process, with which Efaflex’s previously isolated divisions can now work together using one integrated database. 

Due to our developments a newly formed master-data management could have been established, and any changes on data triggers the necessary update in the corresponding systems real time. 

Not to mention complex reporting which makes their sales activities, creating the opportunity to make stock planning and sales more optimized, foreseeable and efficient. 


EVO’s development and project team has compiled a solution-focused functional requirement specification based on business needs. The integration development between the SF CRM and ERP systems was implemented with outstanding professional competence and customer-oriented support. The project schedule and the project management on the supplier and customer side of the deliverables were coordinated. 

Evo’s team is prepared, motivated and customer oriented, I can only recommend it to other partners.